Romance: Ralph Lauren Perfume

When one thinks of reputable lines of perfume products, there are many names that come to mind. Some of those names could include Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

Another fine line of perfume products that is manufactured is the Ralph Lauren perfume line. As with any line of perfume products, it is important to understand a number of the distinguishing characteristics of that particular cosmetic line. With Ralph Lauren perfume, it is no different.

Therefore, it is important to be knowledgeable about the Ralph Lauren line of fragrances. This knowledge is gained through understanding who Ralph Lauren is, how the fragrance is developed and how to determine what Ralph Lauren perfume is best in working with your body's chemistry.

Who Is Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren was born in New York City. His parents, last name of Lifshitz, were Jewish immigrants and his father was a painter of homes by trade. The name of Lifshitz, during Ralphs teen years, would eventually become Lauren. Although, Lauren grew up amongst meager surroundings he had a flair for fashion.

His taste for fashion and desire for expensive clothing drove Ralph Lauren to begin working at an early age to earn money to purchase quality attire. Interestingly, his counterpart, Calvin Klein, lived in the same area of New York City.

After graduating from high school, Ralph Lauren attended college, but after two years dropped his pursuit of a higher education. Eventually, he served in the U.S. Army and after discharge took a job as a salesperson with a necktie business where he created the Polo label. From this modest beginning grew the Polo Empire which transformed Ralph Lauren into a billionaire.

How the Ralph Lauren Perfume Fragrance Is Developed

One of the specific lines of Ralph Lauren perfumes is the Romance label. This soft fragrance is a blending of various floral scents. These fragrances include scents from the rose, marigold, ginger, yellow freesia, lotus, chamomile oil and white violet. The combination of these delicate scents provides for a very warm and romantic perfume.

Choosing The Best Fragrance

When selecting perfumes it is important to select the right fragrance that accents your body's chemistry. Following the proper process is critical. Whether it is a Ralph Lauren perfume or other line of perfume product the procedure is still the same.

Assuming that you are focused on the particular type of scent that you wish and the strength of the fragrance you desire, it is time to put the perfume to the test. That test is first accomplished by placing the fragrance on a perfume card or strip. Allow the scent to permeate your sense of smell. If the aroma is pleasing then apply a sample to your skin. Once applied allow the interaction of the perfume to take place with your skin and your bodys chemistry. This is the true test of how the fragrance will perform.

When ready to sample another product, neutralize the perfume molecules that may be lingering in your nostril through the use of a coffee bean. Then test your next sample.

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