Do You Know What a Perfume Hoax Is?

When someone asks you What is a perfume hoax? there are a few things that they could be referring to, but the most obvious answer to what is a perfume hoax comes in the form of an urban legend that has many people worried.

Answers to What the Perfume Hoax Is

When someone is asking what a perfume hoax is, they are usually referring to the idea that for several years there has been an internet warning going around that is telling people that in parking lots across the nation, people have been approached by men or women who offer to sell them perfume at a discount. What happens is that the person holds out perfume for you to smell, and this perfume is laced with ether or some other substance that will make you pass out. When you do, they will steal all your money or your car.

This hoax has been going around online for a very long time, and so far it is not proven to be true in any way. There is some speculation as to how it got started, but most likely it was started by a woman who claimed to have been robbed after she smelled a perfume a man was selling and passed out. When she came to her senses, the man had taken all of her belongings. However, this original story has never really been confirmed, because tests done on this lady did not show any other substance in her blood stream that would have caused her to pass out. However, a rumor got started online, and is still being passed around today.

A great way to make sure that you have the answers to what a perfume hoax is and other such questions is to be sure that you research this and other urban legends that you can find online. Many sites such as Snopes will give explanations of the urban legends, and will answer the question what is a perfume hoax as well as other hoaxes in general. It can be a great way to make sure that you keep yourself informed about what is true and what is false and so you arent spreading any rumors that are unwarranted. With the state of the world like it is today and war and terrorism making headlines, who really needs extra things to worry about?

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