Determining Your Pregnancy Due Date

Once you find out you are pregnant, the first thing most women think of, is the due date. It is important to establish the correct due date for your pregnancy. This way your unborn babyís growth can be monitored and you can see if he or she is growing at the right rate. Determining your due date will also help your doctor know when to run the appropriate tests for the specific stage of pregnancy. Determining your pregnancy due date can be a little confusing at first, but with a little research and explanation, you will be able to understand it. Most pregnant women will get the due date from their doctor. But, did you know you could determine your pregnancy due date all by yourself? You should know when your period is supposed to arrive. The first thing you will have to determine is the first day of your last period.

Calculating Your Pregnancy Due Date

Calculating your due date during pregnancy is just a matter of simple math. Once you have figured out the first day of your last period, you will be able to figure out the due date your baby is expected to arrive. You will need to subtract three months from the first day of your last period, and then add seven days. This should give you your due date, although it is not an exact date of arrival. It is only an estimate. Everyone is different, and so is every pregnancy. The due date that you calculate is only an estimate, but it is usually very close to the day that you actually give birth.

Letís Do the Math

So, you want to figure out your due date, and you already know your menstrual cycle. This is how you would compute the due date for your pregnancy.

First day of last period: June 22 (for example)

Subtracting three months: March 22

Now add one week to the total: March 29 would be your due date.

Using an Online Due Date Calculator during Pregnancy

Many of the pregnancy websites that are available online have a due date calculator to help you figure out your babies due date. This is a popular way of determining your pregnancy due date and it takes just a couple of clicks, and you will know the due date. Now, you will be able to monitor your unborn childís growth. Also, you will be able to announce your expected due date to the world.

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