Give the Gift of a Pregnancy Massage

A gift certificate for a pregnancy massage should not just be the responsibility of the husband. Sure, he can pamper his wife whenever he likes to, but others can give this gift too and be sure that it will be liked.

Who wouldn’t want to be waited on hand and foot and have someone release tension and knots in our body? Who wouldn’t want some time absolutely alone without any cell phones, pagers or email? So, instead of gifting yet another baby play mat or bouncer, consider a pregnancy massage gift card or certificate and enjoy the fact that the recipient will be thanking you from the bottom of her heart.

A pregnancy massage is different from a regular massage because the specially trained masseuse or massage therapist knows how to deal with specific problem areas during pregnancy such as lower back pain, tired, aching shoulders, swollen feet and the like. A pregnancy massage therapist will also have a special massage table that will have a hole where you can rest your protruding belly so as not to be in an uncomfortable position. Some therapists also offer a seated massage on special chairs that you may have seen at malls or airports.

Massage at the Doctor’s Office

The therapist will have received training and certification in how to handle expectant moms and how to be sensitive of special requests. Some are endorsed by OB/GYN offices whereas others offer services in a spa setting. Many women prefer choosing the doctors office scenario because they feel more at ease that this is something safe and that there are health care professionals around should the need arise.

Although pregnancy massage is generally safe, always ask your doctor especially if you have a high risk pregnancy or any other complications. Some conditions that require complete bed rest and no pressure or strain on the pelvic area may advise against any sort of massage lest it complicates the pregnancy. But for the most part, your doctor will consent to and actually recommend a pregnancy massage or two – or more!

Rates vary from area to area but expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $75 for an hour long massage. Some places offer holiday specials or ‘buy two, get one free massage’ specials. If the rates are beyond your budget, pool in with a friend and give the gift together at the baby shower. It sure beats another hooded towel any day!

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