4 Ways to Help Your Partner Quit Smoking

If your spouse or partner has decided to quit smoking for good, you can play a very important role in helping him or her. Not only are they doing themselves a big favor by bidding farewell to this habit, they are helping you and your family as well because of the harmful effects of second hand smoke.

Here are some simple ways to help your loved one quit smoking.

Join Him or Her

If you are a smoker, then by joining him, your chances for quitting can increase manifold as you get instant support from someone close to you. Even if you are not a smoker, there surely must be an area in your life on which you have been meaning to work and hence you can make that your goal. It could be losing weight, exercising more, meditating or cutting back or abandoning alcohol. Whatever it may be, start helping your partner quit smoking by setting goals for yourself too. So in case he feels the urge to smoke a cigarette, you can help him by modeling how you too are staying away from brownies and French fries.

Keep Him Away from Triggers and Triggers Away from Him

Some people or situations can be triggers for wanting to smoke again. As a way to help him quit smoking, try to make plans that do not revolve around friends who smoke or places where everyone is happily puffing away. Remove ashtrays and other stuff from around the house which can serve as constant reminders of the bad habit. Unsubscribe from smoker promotional emails and mailings that send discount coupons and other incentives to continue smoking.

Get Busy

Enroll in a cooking class or learn ballroom dancing together. It may not be a magic pill, but it may help you get his mind off smoking and in to some other creative outlet.

Focus on the Positive

Help him quit smoking by clipping out articles (or emailing them to him) about the financial and health benefits of kicking the habit. Of course, he may know all of it already, but subtle reminders can act as motivation and may just make the difference between lighting up another cigarette or not.

Many studies suggest that working towards any goals becomes easier if done with someone. Thatís what Weight Watchers is based on as they say people who join with a friend are thrice as more likely to stick with the program and hence lose weight and keep it off. The same applies to helping someone quit smoking. Give them the support, the shoulder they need and the companion they want to go out and enjoy life with.

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