Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Is A Good Suggestion

It has been said that person cannot be made to do something under hypnosis that they could not be made to do normally and the same is true for smokers. Hypnosis to quit smoking is one method of implanting the suggestion into someone’s mind, but if a person is not ready to quit or does not want to quit, hypnosis will not make them quit.

A few may fear trying hypnosis to quit smoking because they believe the hypnotist may pull out a parlor trick and have them squawking like a chicken in front of a group of people. This is not going to happen, as the use of hypnosis to quit smoking is to convince your subconscious mind that you are a non-smoker.

Essentially, hypnosis to quit smoking uses deep relaxation techniques to help you find the key to open your subconscious mind. By getting beyond your conscious mind you will enter the realm of your brain that has drawn no conclusions and is very open for information. While under hypnosis you are more susceptible for suggestions, but again, if you are not ready to quit smoking, you conscious mind may reject your relaxation.

Everyone Can Be Hypnotized

Movies and television may have convinced you that some people cannot be put under the spell of hypnosis, but the fact is a person can be taught to relax through mental imaging and words that their level of relaxation opens their subconscious. To put it in perspective, some folks will be driving home and their mind may start to wander. Ten, or even 15, minutes later they reach their destination with no memory of how they got there. They were in such a relaxed state; their thoughts entered their subconscious, similarly to hypnosis to quit smoking.

There are numerous self- hypnosis to quit smoking offerings during which you can listen or watch a program by a hypnotherapist that can relax you deeply and at the same time attempt to convince your subconscious that you do not smoke. Many hypnotists will offer hypnosis to quit smoking sessions, usually in a group session, but many believe the in-home sessions can be more beneficial as you will have the materials on hand in case you need re-enforcement.

If you choose hypnosis to quit smoking by visiting a hypnotherapist, try to ascertain they are certified. Someone who has the proper certification will be more trained in relaxation techniques and the probability of success will be much higher.

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