Does Laser Therapy to Quit Smoking Work?

The Procedure

Laser quit smoking therapy is much akin to acupuncture where the laser is targeted at certain points on the surface of the skin, and this is supposed to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. There is generally only one therapy session, there is no guarantee of results. Lasers are aimed at specific parts of your body in your face as well as on your hands and arms. The laser used is a cold laser, which gets no hotter than a light bulb; the procedure takes less than an hour in most cases.

Laser Clinics

Laser clinics often offer other laser related therapies such as weight loss in addition to laser quit smoking therapy. These clinics are available all over the country, and claim to give results to people dedicated to quitting. Much like acupuncture therapy, the laser quit smoking therapy is said to be extremely relaxing and to encourage a delightful feeling of health and peacefulness. The benefit to the laser quit smoking therapy treatment over acupuncture is that there are no needles, and no pain.

Better clinics will offer three different stages of therapy per session, beginning with the first is to stop the actual craving for the nicotine in the brain, the second is to stimulate the metabolism, and the third is for stress reduction. If after a time weight gain is still an issue they also suggest pairing the laser quit smoking therapy with the weight loss therapy as many people gain weight when they stop smoking and that is one reason someone may begin to smoke again.

Support after Therapy

Support after the therapy depends on the clinic, some clinics offer what they call a booster, which is a free session any time in your first six months to a year, to repeat the entire procedure, if stress or other triggers make it seem impossible to stay quit smoking. This booster session is the same as the original laser quit smoking therapy session, and should take the same amount of time.

Some remaining factors to consider are, if someone is needed to drive the recipient of the laser quit smoking therapy back to their home, which people are good candidates for the therapy, and the cost of the procedure. The laser quit smoking therapy can leave some individuals feeling somewhat light headed but the feeling usually passes within minutes, if someone were to be particularly worried about it they may as a safety precaution ask another person to drive them after the therapy, though most people donít have a problem driving themselves.

Candidates for the laser quit smoking therapy can be anyone. The laser is a very low intensity and is not known to have any harmful medical effects. If however an individual has a serious heath condition they may want to consult their physician before undergoing therapy as a precautionary measure. The cost of the procedure will vary by state and usually is not covered by medical insurance, however if a insurance plan covers any kind of holistic medicine, the laser quit smoking therapy could be considered needle free acupuncture and as such be submitted to an insurance company for reimbursement.

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