How Mustard May Help To Quit Smoking

In the battle to help people quit smoking, there have been studies into almost everything imaginable. There are countless numbers of products, herbs and home remedies that boast about being able to help people quit smoking. The need for so many diverse products is not because they all do not work, but because each smoker is different. By offering a range of ideas on how to quit smoking, a person is more likely to find a method that will help them.

One new method that has yet to be completely studied is using mustard to quit smoking. Mustard, best known as the yellow condiment used on hot dogs, is more than just a food topping. It has many health benefits, some of which may even link it to being able to act as a smoking deterrent. Using mustard to quit smoking has not yet hit the main stream, but it could if people begin to see the potential it has to end the smoking habit forever.

A Little Bit About Mustard

Mustard starts out as a seed which is then either used whole, crushed or otherwise processed. Mustard seeds come from a cruciferous vegetable. Cruciferous vegetables are well respected for their many health benefits. There are different varieties of mustard plants, from brown to white to black.

Mustard seeds contain glucosinolates, which have been shown to be beneficial to lung health. In addition, mustard seeds may also have anti-cancer effects in the body. Studies reveal that mustard can help asthma patients, to lower blood pressure, prevent heart attacks, reduce migraines and even cure insomnia.

Mustard To The Rescue

The way mustard may help to quit smoking lies in its effects on the body. When a person tries to quit smoking they many barriers to overcome. They must fight off nicotine cravings as the nicotine in their body starts to deplete. They also have to fight the psychological cravings for the smoking habit.

Using mustard to quit smoking is more of an aid than an actual tool. Eating mustard will help to improve your body's functions which will in turn help you to rid your body more quickly of the nicotine. Additionally, the taste of mustard can help to stimulate you and may act as a replacement in times when you feel you really need a cigarette.

More research and efforts need to be made to see if using mustard to quit smoking is really a viable claim. As it stands now, consuming mustard is not bad for you and is something you likely do anyway. You can try your own research into how using mustard to quit smoking helps you. Maybe mustard can do the trick when all other methods have failed.

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