The Benefits of Making a Commitment to Naturally Quit Smoking

In the sea of nicotine patches, gums and pills, a decision to quit smoking may start to feel anything but natural. Even if the thought of quitting “cold turkey” leaves you shaking like a leaf, you can still devise a strategy to more naturally quit smoking. Replace patches, gums and pills with herbal supplements, support groups or just plain determination.

Finding What Works Best for You

The key to naturally quit smoking is to find a method that best suites you. If your decision to quit is part of a total health makeover, than maybe the energy you spend exploring healthier ways of eating, devoting time to a new exercise regimen, etc. will be enough to naturally quit smoking on sheer will power alone. This can be incredibly empowering, and dramatically change both your physical and emotional health in a short period of time.

Another great way to naturally quit smoking is to use herbal supplements to help your body detox and rid itself of the poisons it has been exposed to for so long. You can find a number of books, not to mention websites, that will explain the usage of certain herbs for everything from weight gain, to sleep aid, even cravings. You can find these herbs in teas or tablets at health food stores or on the Internet.

The process of quitting cigarettes can seem like a long, lonely road, so don’t discount the power of numbers. Find a smoking cessation support group and meet up with other people who are also going through the process of naturally quitting smoking. You’ll have people to call when you’re having a bad day, and also people to call to celebrate when you feel great about the fact that you naturally quit smoking. If you need an extra push to remain dedicated, you’ll have the needed reinforcement. Likewise, when you’ve deemed yourself “out of the woods,” you can offer your counsel to others who need it and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve contributed to someone else’s success in naturally quitting smoking.

Perhaps the best strategy is a combination of all the tips mentioned here. Make your decision to naturally quit smoking a part of a larger health makeover, use herbal supplements to heal your body, and find a support group to share all of these things with. You decision to quit smoking is a new beginning for your body, a change to repair the damages caused by smoking. Embrace the new you and enjoy the benefits of your newfound health!

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