Quit Smoking and Your Health Will Improve

Smoking is hazardous to the health and welfare of the smoker, not to mention their friends and families. Nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarettes sticks like tar to lung tissue. Nicotine can also be linked to lung cancer and emphysema. Studies have also shown that second-hand smoke is just as much, if not more harmful than directly inhaling on the cigarette. Smokers by the thousands are losing money, and years off their life in order to sustain this addiction.

Quit smoking and your health will begin to dramatically improve as the nicotine leaves your system. The nicotine works as the bait to hook the smoker, who then continues to inhale these other more harmful substances. These harmful substances include tar and carbon monoxide. Although tar and carbon monoxide are definitely in cigarette smoke and cause great harm, there are many other chemicals inhaled by a cigarette smoker with each puff. All of the harmful elements from cigarette smoking can harm those around the smoker as well. Quit smoking and your health will improve and the health of those around you will improve as well.

Quit Smoking and Your Health Will Improve Quickly

Smoking has a cumulative effect on the health of each smoker. People who continue to smoke for several years have more harmful effects. There is research done by medical professionals that demonstrate that these effects need not be irreversible. If a smoker quits today, he or she will benefit in some ways almost immediately. The blood pressure and heart rate will improve after some minutes. Quit smoking and your health will start to improve after your blood pressure improves. There is new research that shows the harmful effects on the lungs will start to improve within a week.

That does not mean that the lungs will be healthy and clear of all of the harmful substances. This takes more time, but there will be some improvement in the lungs very quickly. Within three months, there will be significant improvement in the lungs of a smoker who has quit the habit and kicked the addiction. Thatís great news. If you quit smoking your health will improve because your blood pressure, lungs and heart will experience some immediate benefits. The positive effects of kicking the habit and the addiction will make you feel so much better. Your food will taste better and your stamina will increase. It is challenging for a smoker to quit smoking and the health effects are not instantaneous, but every smoker should try to stop immediately.

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