Quit Smoking and Effects Might Be Negative at First

Smokers who kick the habit find some negative effects at first and these effects contribute to the difficulty of the task. Some smokers who want to quit smoking suffer effects that they did not anticipate and give up. Many smokers try to quit but give up because they suffer some problems trying to break the addiction. Some smokers experience severe headaches soon after they stop smoking. The headaches will disappear if the smoker lights up a cigarette. After some time without the nicotine in their system, smokers tend to become very irritable. This condition can be a personality change for some people, and they run the risk of annoying others at home and at the office.

Eventually these smokers find their normal emotional stability, but this feeling of being angry causes some to return to their harmful habit. Smokers trying to quit become quite restless, and the attempt to quit smoking has an effect that makes their life miserable. They cannot accomplish their tasks at work, which can impact an entire organization. Smokers trying to quit might also experience feelings of depression and sadness. The thought that a cigarette could make them feel better tempts many people to give up their goal of kicking the habit.

Ultimately Positive Effects Outweigh Negative

Unfortunately, many smokers determined to quit the habit give up because, as they quit smoking, the negative effects are serious. They know that the positive effects start soon after they quit, but they just cannot do it. If they have the discipline, the positive effects will be fantastic. Smokers will have better vital signs such as lower blood pressure and reduced heart rate almost immediately. There has been research that shows their lungs will be in better shape one week after they quit smoking. The lungs will continue to improve unless the smoker already had a serious disease before they quit.

Those who quit smoking feel effects that are positive in all of their activities. They will have more energy and stamina to do their favorite activities. Smokers who quit will see improvement in their teeth and skin. If someone quits smoking, one effect that is positive is the improvement of taste. The quitters will taste all of the flavors of their food. Smokers will save money as a pack of cigarettes can cost up to four dollars. This can add up to more than a thousand dollars a year.

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