Quit Smoking Tips Can Help Kick Habit

As Mark Twain often said, quitting smoking is easy. He should know he has done it a thousand times. He got a lot of laughs from that line, but there is also a lot of truth in what he said. He offered some quit smoking tips as well, and one that also got laughs was the one absolute way to quit smoking is to die from it.

There are two aspects of smoking to consider when attempting quitting and those are the physical addiction and the mental addiction. The addiction to nicotine will last about three days until it is flushed from your system. The mental addiction will take much longer and will require more quit smoking tips to help you be successful.

Laser techniques, hypnosis or a number of other methods can be used to help end the addition to nicotine, but to help keep your mind from remembering the addiction or to help ignore it, you will need some quit smoking tips that will work for you. Most times when people try to quit, and many try three or four time or more before succeeding, they harbor the negative thoughts that they are not going to make it. And, they usually do not.

Not Smoking Can Add Health and Wealth

All smokers understand they spend a lot of money on their habit and would have more to spend on other things they want if it was not for the cigarettes. Set a goal to quit smoking and put the cost of cigarettes away for an entire year. Then take that money and buy yourself something special. In addition, other great quit smoking tips include taking a picture of your children and grandchildren and write on the bottom that you promise to be at their wedding. Then place the picture where you usually store your cigarettes so that every time you reach for them, you will pick up the picture and read your promise.

Pick up a hobby that while doing you cannot smoke or get involved in some physical activity during which smoking is incompatible. Drinking more water is another of the quit smoking tips that also helps you flush the addictive nicotine from your body and also delivers other health benefits as well. You should also change your daily routine by finding a new direction to work, or a different structure in getting ready for work in the mornings. When you try to quit smoking you are making a major change in your life and you are going to need all the quit smoking tips you can get.

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