Find The Quit Smoking Ways That Work For You

If you were to ask 100 former smokers how they were able to quit, you would get 100 different quit smoking ways to try. One of them may actually work for you but the truth be told everyone’s reason to stop smoking is as varied as their reason as to why they started in the first place.

Most smokers will admit that they are not happy about smoking and are looking for quit smoking ways that will not make them grouchy or nervous. Telling themselves it is not good for them and that they are shortening their lives just does not seem to get the message past the addiction to nicotine.

One of the quit smoking ways many have found to help is to figure the cost of smoking and plan on a reward for yourself with the money saved from not smoking. For the same of even numbers, assume you smoke $5 worth of cigarettes per day. At the end of the year you could buy yourself something nice with that $1,875 if you are a one pack a day smoker. If you smoke more than that, imagine the reward you could get.

Think Of The Health Of Others

If rewarding yourself for healthy behavior does not offer you enough incentive, think about your family, especially if you have small children in the home. The vast majority of parents claim they want only what is good for their children, then fill the air with smoke for them to inhale and potentially become ill from breathing. Take a look at your children and think of the quit smoking ways you will try to give them a better, healthier life.

Think back to when you smoked that first cigarette and remember if you were alone and made the choice to start on your own, or had someone else help you become addicted. They may not have held the cigarette to your lips while you inhaled, but you had help in the way of a suggestion. Quitting is no different as many will need help in finding the quit smoking ways that will work.

The good news is that there are many organizations and volunteers who are willing to help a person kick the habit and will share all the quit smoking ways they have treid themselves or have heard of others trying to find a way for you to succeed. You probably did not ask someone to teach you to smoke, but there is no harm in asking someone for help to quit.

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