Tricks to Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight

Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do and it doesn't help that many people associate quitting with gaining weight. It is true that the majority of people who quit smoking will gain weight. Some gain a few pounds and some gain much more, but it is possible to control weight gain after quitting. The trick to quit smoking without gaining weight lies in understanding why it happens in the first place. Weight gain after quitting smoking occurs for a few different reasons and it is important to understand those reasons so you can quit smoking without gaining weight. People assume it is because once a person quits smoking they begin to be able to taste better and therefore begin to eat everything they can because they enjoy the taste of food better. This is one reason, but it is more complex than that. Eating does play a big part in why people gain weight after they quit smoking.

This is because nicotine is an appetite suppressant. When a person smokes the nicotine fights off feelings of hunger and the person eats less than they would if they were not smoking. Smokers also use cigarettes in place of eating, so it becomes a habit to simply light up instead of snacking. Even without diet changes a person can gain weight once they quit smoking. Smoking burns calories and the more a person smokes, the more calories they burn. Once they quit smoking they are no longer burning those calories. Additionally, burning calories boosts the metabolism, so one the calories are no longer being burnt the metabolism slows.

How to Avoid the Weight Gain

Despite the ways smoking helps a person to not overeat and to stay slimmer; it is still possible to quit smoking without gaining weight. Now that you know the reasons for weight gain after quitting you can better fight against them to avoid gaining weight. It starts with making other lifestyle changes in addition to quitting. To help burn the calories that are no longer burnt by smoking you can begin exercising. A simple exercise routine, like a daily walk can help to burn those extra calories. Exercise is something you should be doing anyway, so it is a great way to kick off your new smoke free life. You should also adjust your diet to account for the calories and slower metabolism once you quit smoking. You should try to eat foods that are lower in calories and fat.

Another battle is the new appreciation for the taste of food and the new appetite you will have after you quit smoking. You should be very careful to watch your portions and choose healthy snacks to quit smoking without gaining weight. You may also want to try chewing gum or drinking more water when you feel hungry between meals. To quit smoking without gaining weight takes about as much effort as quitting smoking itself. It is a battle, but a battle well worth fighting. You will feel better, look better and your health will be greatly improved. You may even find your new exercise and eating habits help you to lose weight instead of gain weight. It is good for you and your body to try to quit smoking without gaining weight.

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