Do You Really Need a Reason to Quit Smoking?

Sure, smoking is bad for you. It’s addictive, expensive, and a threat to those non-smokers around you. You have probably been aware of these things for quite some time, so do you really need another reason to quit smoking? How about the environment, or future generations that are watching you smoke? Here are some reasons to quit smoking that you may not have previously thought about. Smoking is wasteful. How many cigarette butts have you flicked out of your car window, or tossed on the sidewalk?

There aren’t trash cans or ashtrays conveniently scattered through the landscape of your life, so I’m certain that these instances have occurred for all smokers. Another reason to quit smoking: you’re a closeted environmentalist who doesn’t want to see public areas littered with cigarette butts. You’re encouraging our youth to pick up a dangerous habit. Sure kids are constantly peppered with ad campaigns telling them how stupid, unattractive and unhealthy smoking is. But if they constantly see adults lighting up, they’re getting mixed signals. We all know that the whole “do as your told, not as I do” approach to education is not effective. Another reason to quit smoking: you want to be a positive role model for young people.

Look Towards the Future

You’ve been collecting social security since your first job many moons ago. Retirement sounds nice, doesn’t it? Think about kicking your feet up ten years from now, reading the paper, enjoying some coffee. Did you know that once you quit smoking in ten years your body will be as healthy as the day before you picked up your first cigarette? In ten years you could be a successful, retired professional in the best shape of your life. You’ve worked hard for a long time, and you deserve to reap the benefits of that for as long as possible. Maybe retirement is farther away then ten years. Great! You’ll practically be a teenager again when it finally happens. Another reason to quit smoking: you like Palm Beach.

You like the movies. You like grocery shopping. You like that TV show that comes on Thursday nights after the news. You got up this morning and thought “I’m having a great hair day.” You finally got that book, CD, promotion, car you’ve been wanting. All of these sound great! Another reason to quit smoking: you enjoy your life and want to be as healthy as possible.

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