Are You a Good Candidate to Use Wellbutrin to Quit Smoking?

Accessing the benefits versus the risks of using a smoking cessation drug like Wellbutrin to quit smoking can be a difficult task, and one that should not be done without the aid of your physician. If you are in a position where your ability to quit smoking is imperative for your immediate health, it would seem that the benefits of using something like Wellbutrin to quit smoking would far out weight the consequences. If, on the other hand, smoking is the catalyst to a longer-term plan for you to regain your full health, than the risks of taking such a medication may be too daunting in light of natural alternatives.

Keep in mind that Wellbutrin is first and foremost an anti-depressant, so if you are currently taking an anti-depressant it would not be possible to take both at the same time. Whether or not Wellbutrin would be as effective as your current medication to fight both depression and aid you in quitting something would have to be determined by you and your physician.

But the list of medications that conflict with Wellbutrin is not limited to anti-depressants. Alcohol can even put you at a huge risk for complications if you use Wellbutrin to quit smoking. Your physician can provide a more detailed list of medications that are commonly known to cause issues when taken in conjunction with Wellbutrin, so be sure to make a list of all medications you take regularly to share with your doctor.

Exhaust Other Options First

Because of the implications of taking something like Wellbutrin, it is probably best used as a last resort to help you quit smoking. If you can quit smoking without Wellbutrin you would be wise to do so to prevent yourself from adding any more stressors to your body. But because the use of Wellbutrin to quit smoking is short term, even if using it is the only way your can end your smoking habit, quitting smoking should be your first priority, and dealing with potential side effects of something like Wellbutrin should come second.

If you decided that youíre not a good candidate to use Wellbutrin to quit smoking, donít rule out other aids with much lower risks. Things like nicotine patches and gums can be very effective, and donít pose any additional risks to you since nicotine is familiar to your system. Patches and gums are great to end your smoking habit and slowly wean yourself off of nicotine altogether. Before you consider Wellbutrin to quit smoking, just make sure you explore all your other options.

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