Acne Skin Care Starts With Cause Of Problem

In order to find the right acne skin care product you have to understand what is causing your acne skin problem. Despite what you may have heard, most acne is not caused by the foods you eat, dirt, stress or most cosmetics. Hereditary has also been blamed for many acne problems, but usually only severe problems can be blamed on the parents.

There are different forms of acne, requiring different types of acne skin care. Everyone has sebaceous glands, pores that produce oil the skin needs for its own care. It is mainly the clogging of these pores and mixing with natural bacteria that causes the appearance of acne. The visibility of acne may be of congested pores, which causes an oil buildup under the skin that if near the surface is called a pustule. When it breaks through the surface, it appears as a whitehead but if it is oxidized by contact with air, it appears as a black head.

Acne that appears deeper in the skin is called a pimple and even deeper, they are called a cyst. With that in mind, the three basic causes of acne, oil, bacteria and clogged pores, can be addressed before acne skin care becomes a necessity. Mild cleansers should be used two or three times a day to help rid your skin of bacteria while exfoliants can help remove excess oil as well as bacteria. Retinol, a form of Vitamin A can help remove dead skin and keep the skin looking fresh.

Reducing Oil And Dead Skin With Acne Skin Care

Killing the bacteria is equally simple as antibacterial cleansers, such as those containing benzoyl peroxide, can safely kill the bacteria that grown on the skin and in your pores. Some people may have an allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide and will experience reddened skin, but this will diminish when you stop using it. When using it as an acne skin care product, keep in mind that its bleach-like qualities can damage clothing and towels.

Reducing oil content of your skin also involves the possible use of benzoyl peroxide, if contained in antibacterial pads. Cleansers containing glycolic acid can also be good at removing the oils and dead skin and can be used as a daily cleansing regimen. Essentially, part of acne skin care involves keeping your face clean or oil and bacteria, apply five-percent benzoyl peroxide cream daily and use light skin moisturizer and oil-free or water-based makeup.

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