Arbonne Skin Care: Worth the Hassle?

In many ways, Arbonne skin care products are a rather typical entry among designer skin care products. They first opened for business in 1980, and since then, their products have quickly gained popularity.

Wide Range of Products

Arbonne offers a wide range of skin care products to meet the needs of almost every client. Under face products alone, you'll find an exfoliating mask with thermal fusion, a daily cleanser, a daily balancer, day and night moisturizing cream, and a "smart set" to get you going if you're new to the company and its products.

A similar array of Arbonne skin care products can be found under the listings of body and hair care, anti-aging products, and anti-acne products.

Prices are on the high end, but still remain competitive with other designer skin care products.

A few things make Arbonne skin care products unique. One is that they cater to a very young clientele with their baby sunscreen (SPF 30), baby hair and body wash, and baby lotion and body oil. Prices for these products run between $10 and $20, so Arbonne offers baby skin care without breaking the bank. (And of course while Mom is shopping for baby, she might just click on the adult products, too…)

Beautiful Inside and Out

Believing that skin care often begins from within, Arbonne has introduced a new line of nutritional products. These include protein shakes--"Chae Latte" seems to be the flavor of the moment, dietary supplements for people who are feeling run down or ill, multi-vitamins for children and teens, chocolate weight loss chews to satisfy your cravings for sweets, colon cleansers, etc. Prices run between $10 and $40, depending on what you're interested in buying.

Personal Consultants

Here is where Arbonne skin care products separate themselves from the herd. Arbonne sells their products only through a network of "independent consultants." If you try to order a product online without a consultant's name and ID number, the program very thoughtfully directs you to a list of consultants in your area.

This probably has its benefits and drawbacks as far as sales go. On the benefit side, a real live person will probably be able to talk you into buying much more than you would have purchased just surfing around the site.

On the negative side, that means Arbonne loses the "impulse" buys, the women who are desperately surfing the internet at three in the morning thinking, if I don't find something that cures acne now, I'm going to have to wear a bag over my head for my big date on Friday. They may also lose the sales of business women who don't have time to talk to a personal consultant before they buy their product of choice. I, for one, was so miffed by the whole personal consultant thing that I canceled what would have been a moderately expensive order of multivitamins.

Other people, however, have related feeling pampered by having their own personal consultant, so in the end, the choice is up to you. Is it worth the hassle or not?

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