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While many people blame the use of cosmetics on many skin problems, there are several cosmetics skin care products on the market that actually prove helpful. They are touted as wrinkle erasers and skin firming while providing moisturizers for healthier looking skin. While some cosmetics can cause problems by blocking pores, most oil-free and water-soluble formulations can help keep the skin toned and cleaned.

Seeking to look younger is not the only reason for people using cosmetics skin care, as many are also looking to even out skin coloration. Those that suffer with varied skin tones are finding that cosmetics skin care whitening products can offer some help to get their tone more equal. Many of these products are available in cream form and for those who suffer allergic reactions to cream-based product, several are also available in gel form.

Hydroquinone is often used in cosmetics skin care for age spots and to inhibit melanin formations in the skin that create the appearance of discoloration in the skin. Unfortunately, many have an adverse reaction to hydroquinone. A synthetic version of alpha arbutin, which has the same effect, is now used in many cosmetics skin care products to lighten dark spots or to at least prevent them from becoming larger or darker.

Rejuvenation Helps Bring Skin Back To Life

Many times the dried, dead skin cells build up giving the skin a dull, lifeless appearance and this skin can be exfoliated with many of the cosmetics skin care chemical peels available. The type of peel you use will be determined by the type of skin you have as well as its condition. For those who have never experimented with chemical peels a good place to start would be a lactic acid peel, derived from milk. This peel works well with dry or oily skin and helps promote natural collagen production.

Glycolic acid, similar to lactic acid, penetrates only the epidermis, but is more harsh than lactic acid peels. Salicylic acid peels penetrate into deeper layers of the dermis and work well for loosening blackheads. As a first attack on those with oily skin it can work well as an exfoliant as a first phase for those with acne. Trichloreacetic acid cleans into the upper dermis and works well for acne, wrinkles and scarring and offers longer lasting effects. Most cosmetics skin care peels are beneficial used one per week, however lactic peels can be used three or four times per week for better results.

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