DHC Skin Care Uses Olive Oil For Skin Care

The benefits of olive oil on a personís health have not been disputed and its ability to help care for the skin is now being used in many DHC skin care products. Beginning in Japan more than 20 years ago, DHC skin care quickly expanded from its initial three products to the hundreds made and distributed today.

Skin care products are some of the most sought-after in the world and with thousands to choose from, customers not only want their skin to look healthy, they want it to be healthy as well. Continued research is finding more causes for dry skin and beyond recommendations of prevention, it is showing ways to rejuvenate the skin. DHC skin care with olive oil is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and helps neutralize free radicals.

Among the DHC skin care products, its mild soap with olive oil and honey provides cleaner feeling skin and is gentle enough for all types of skin. The company also offers rich moisturizer with olive oil and botanicals to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Deep cleaning oil, another of the DHC skin care products, is a water-soluble mix of olive oil, rosemary and vitamin E. It is designed to clean thoroughly the pores with its water-soluble cleanser and for dissolving make-up.

DHC Skin Care Products Include Men

Many skin care products on the market today are geared towards women but DHC skin care is also made for the men who want to care for their skin. Shaving cream, which can reduce skin irritation when using a blades, face cream pure soap and soft lotions are all designed for men and not as products for both genders simply trying to increase sales.

Infant skin care offers unique challenges and DHC skin care with honey, Vitamin E and olive oil are designed to maintain proper hydration of the babyís skin. They are also designed to exfoliate dry skin cells and are all made with a no-tears formula.

In addition to the DHC skin care products with olive oil, they also use ingredients such as green tea, aloe, soybean oil, almond oil and avocado oil. All developed to help everyone care for their skin, regardless of age or gender. All products are manufactured in Japan and the olive oil products are made with extra virgin olives from Spain. Their products are available exclusively through the companyís website and through mail-order business.

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