Men's Skin Care: Finding the Right Aftershave

Remember the scene in Home Alone where Macaulay Culkin carefully shaves his pre-pubescent face, slaps on a little aftershave, and then shrieks in pain? I doubt there was an adult male member of the audience who didn't completely relate to the kid at that moment.

But if aftershave can be such a pain, why is it such an important part of men's skin care? There are several reasons.

Men's Skin Care: Benefits of Aftershave

Much as it might sting, the alcohol in aftershave is there for a reason. It is supposed to clean small cuts and nicks and prevent infection. Furthermore, alcohol will eventually numb irritated skin, making you more rather than less comfortable.

Aftershave is also an important part of men's skin care because it contains moisturizers that keep the skin feeling soft and smooth despite the constant assault of being scraped with a sharp metal object.

Finally, if you choose to wear scented aftershave, you can small wonderful throughout the day.

Aftershave is available at every pharmacy, department store, and chain store you could name, and it usually costs around ten dollars a bottle, give or take a buck or two. But as part of your men's skin care routine, it's important to select the aftershave that is right for you.

Scent Free

If you want the benefits of aftershave without having to walk around smelling like a cute little sailboat or a leather saddle all day, consider purchasing a scent-free aftershave. A good choice for men's skin care is the eShave Fragrance Free After Shave Soother, which absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving your face soft but not smelly or greasy. It usually retails for around $15 - $20.


Everything seems to be going back to nature, so why not men's skin care products as well? If you want a more natural shaving experience, consider Jason Natural's 6 in 1 Beard and Skin Therapy. Ingredients include aloe vera gel, Ginseng extracts, vegetable oils, and seaweed. Cost is usually under $10.


If you don't stint on your clothes, why stint on your aftershave? Ralph Lauren, for one, offers many different men's skin care aftershave options including Polo Blue (featuring a fresh, melon-y scent), Polo Black (spicier with mango and patchouli), Safari (subtle hints of oak, lavender, lemon, and cinnamon will keep friends guessing all day) and Romance (an intimate lavender and amber fragrance). Ralph Lauren aftershave retails for around $40.

So men, here's the bottom line. If men's skin care concerns you at all (no, you don't have to be metrosexual to answer yes to that question), take a few minutes and find the aftershave that works best for your skin type. You'll be happy you did.

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