Three Places to Shop For Natural Skin Care Products

When it comes to your body, you want to be careful about what you put in itor on it. In the last several years, natural skin care products have been introduced to the market, giving women the option of avoiding harsh or disease-causing chemicals. If you're looking for natural skin care products, it may be hard to get an idea of who's who and whether they do as they say they will. Here are some suggestions to start you off in your search for natural skin care products:

Natural Skin Care Product Retailer #1: Saffron Rouge

Saffron Rouge does not manufacture its own products. Rather, they keep a sharp eye on what's available and offer products manufactured by others that meet their stringent guidelines. Designer names you might see on this site include Primavera, Jurlique, and Dr. Hauschka.

Saffron Rouge offers almost every kind of natural skin care product imaginable for women and also offers separate lines for babies and men.

Prices for most items ran between $35 and $45--expensive, but not exorbitant.

Natural Skin Care Product Retailer #2: Aubrey Organics

Aubrey organics was founded by Aubrey Hampton in 1967, however Hampton's interest in natural products went back much further than that. His mother, an herbalist, had always taught him that natural is better, a slogan he now brings into his laboratories. In fact, Aubrey became one of the first natural skin care products to list all of its ingredients on the bottle so people could see exactly what they were buying.

Aubrey offers a full range of skin care products to men, women, and babies. Prices, which hover in the $10 to $30 range, are extremely reasonable.

Besides selling things to their customers, Aubrey wishes to educate them as well. The site offers a comprehensive online dictionary with different kinds of herbs, plants, and their uses carefully explained. It's a marvelous guide for people who want to get natural skin care products but aren't quite sure what that means.

An equally useful online guide provides a list of ten synthetics to avoid when purchasing skin care products.

With fair prices, good information, and an easy-to-navigate site, Audrey should be a first stop for anyone interested in natural skin care products.

Natural Skin Care Product Retailer #3: Eco-Beauty Organizer

Eco-Beauty's site seems just a little cluttered, but that doesn't stop them from offering a wide range of products including several types of organic facial skin care, organic body care, and natural anti-aging products (made with cat's claw--the plant, not the mammal, pomegranate oil, grape kernel oil, sea buck thorn oil, and water lily and vine extracts), Demeter Baby Organics, and skin care for men.

A couple of their more interesting items include the Dead Sea Black Mud Care (to replenish the skin with minerals), and the Demeter Pregnancy Care Products which are made with Sun Flower Oil, Woundwort, Anis, Lady's Mantel, Apple, Horsetail, and Yarrow and include Breast and Belly Oil, Perineum Oil, Body Butter, and Leg Comfort Cream.

Most products are priced between $30 and $50--not on the low cost end of the scale, but not unusually expensive, either.

If you want to have great skin without using a lot of harsh chemicals, why not check out the natural skin care products available online?

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