Serious Skin Care: Therapy To Meet Your Skin's Unique Needs

Serious Skin Care was originally founded by a supermodel (Jennifer Flavin-Stallone) and an "esthetician" (Lesa Stock) to treat acne. The product produced results, and as its reputation spread, Serious Skin Care began to take on other types of problem skin as well. Their site currently lists no fewer than ten product lines to treat different facial flaws, as well as four product lines that people with all skin types are encouraged to use.

Serious Skin Care for Everyone

Whether your skin is dry, aging, or dripping grease, there are a few products Serious Skin Care recommends for everyone. These include:

B-power. B-power claims to use vitamin B to return skin to a healthy, glowing state.

Make-up. Whatever you need to make yourself look beautiful, they've got it here. Eye shadow, foundation, blush different lip colors. Serious Skin Care even offers to send a small kit to keep in your purse for emergency makeovers during the day.

Sun & Shade Products. It's a relief to hear a company that focuses on beauty speak out so strongly about the dangers of sun. Products include a spray on sun shield and an airbrush tanning solution for those who simply can't give up on the bronzed skin look.

Fragrances. Finally, Serious Skin Care offers a line of perfumes, creams, and gels meant to be used on all body types.

What Kind Of Skin Do I Have?

Sick of sites that ask you a thousand questions only to tell you what you already knew about your skin type. Serious Skin Care wins points from me by avoiding those games. They present a big, colorful wheel with ten option marked on it. You click on the option that suits you best, and you'll immediately receive a product recommendation.

For instance, if you click on "Oily/Combination," you'll be advised to try Serious Skin Care's a-copper line. A click on "Dry/Stressed" will carry you straight to the olive oil products. And a click on sensitive skin will take you to glucosamine products.

Although the products are clearly being marketed to women, the site states they work just as well for men.

Making a Purchase

Like most of the other names in designer skin care, Serious Skin Care's products are not cheap, but they are reasonable. You'll probably pay around $15-$40 for each product you buy. Serious Skin Care can be a bit hard to find as at sells only on HSN (Home Shopping Network) and the Shopping Channel. You can also purchase products at their website at

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