Nodular Melanoma Is Very Aggressive And Invasive At The Very Outset

Today, with the rising incidence of skin cancer and more particularly of melanoma cases, there is a growing awareness about such diseases which is good because melanoma in particular is a very fatal type of skin disease that often does not get diagnosed leave alone treated in time. Among the different types of melanoma, nodular melanoma is a very serious as well as life threatening type of skin cancer and it accounts for, it is believed, as many as thirty-five percent of all melanoma cases in which there is thick melanoma. Compared to the other type of melanoma that is superficial spreading melanoma, nodular melanoma is not so easily diagnosed and it is also a form of thick melanoma.

Noticed In Arms And Legs

At first diagnosis, it has been found that nodular melanoma is more of an invasive type of skin cancer and is most noticeable on a person’s arms and legs and in the case of elderly people, on their upper torso, and it also affects the scalp as well, regardless of age. Its malignancy is generally characterized as bumpy and it is mostly black in color though often it may even turn blue or white and even gray, tan, brown as well as of skin tone.

However, it is not so common to encounter nodular melanoma as its sub-types and it is only known to affect, it is believed, a mere fifteen percent of all cases of melanoma and according to reports, will affect you if you are fifty years or more, and in medical terms, nodular melanoma is blue-red or blue-black in appearance or even as amelanotic nodule. It has also been found that as few as five percent of nodular melanomas are without pigment and such instances are termed as amelanotic melanoma, and in addition, nodular melanoma mostly will affect the head as well as neck and even the upper torso. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that nodular melanoma will often begin in your normal skin and not in existing lesions as you might expect, and this form of skin cancer is also known to grow rapidly once it forms.

Another feature of nodular melanoma is that is not only invasive at the outset, but is also very aggressive and is known to affect ten to fifteen percent of all melanoma patients. In case you are in doubt whether you have nodular melanoma, it would be in your best interests to consult a dermatologist and have your suspected area examined, and you would also do well to have periodic checkups of your skin to ensure that the disease is diagnosed as early as possible and that treatment can then begin at an early stage, when it is possible to contain and cure the disease.

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