There Are As Yet No Definite Known Skin Cancer Causes

Of late, more and more people are becoming affected by skin cancer with the result that there are many millions of people suffering from this condition, and so it behooves to take a closer look at skin cancer causes. Probably, the most cited skin cancer cause is being exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, and more especially to the dangerous ultraviolet radiation, and the risk becomes more when living in areas where there is intense sunlight. Also, with depletion to the ozone layer, the chances of being affected by skin cancer have increased since you are protected from ultra-violet rays only by the ozone layer.

Fair Or Dark Skin

Among the not so well known skin cancer causes is that people who are of fair skin and thus have less amount of melanin are more susceptible to developing skin cancer. However, there is no real known skin cancer causes though it is believed that squamous cell carcinoma as too basal cell carcinoma are thought to be related to sunlight’s accumulation during a person’s lifetime, and that people with fair complexion are more susceptible to developing such tumors than those with dark complexion.

There is almost unanimity in believing that among the major skin cancer causes is exposure to the sun since ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the DNA that in turn will lead to the development of skin cancer, and that according to estimates, two thirds and more of all malignant melanomas and as much as ninety percent of non-melanoma skin cancers are attributed to high degree of exposure to the sun.

Furthermore, it is also believed that among the probable skin cancer causes are people having fair skin, red or blond hair, blue, hazel or green eyes, freckled faces, those whose skin tans poorly and burns easily, people with plenty of moles, and those who have a family history of skin cancer are more likely to develop skin cancer. In the same vein, if your skin is of dark color, you would be twenty times less at risk of developing skin cancer than is the case with Caucasians.

Another not so well known skin cancer cause is the sunbed that is closely linked to malignant melanoma, and according to studies on several sunbeds and cancer, the conclusion arrived at was that young people who were less than thirty-five years of age who were using sunbeds were at seventy-five percent greater risk of skin cancer.

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