Skin cancer prevention: Ignore It At Your Peril

These days, nearly every medical professional you come into contact will be sure to preach to you the benefits of skin cancer prevention and this is not very surprising because organizations such as Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation have shown us that as many as, it is believed, one million Americans are victims of some kind of skin cancer or the other which was the case in the year 2005.

Use Of Tanning Beds Continues All Year Round

Still, it is quite surprising to also find that despite these and other medical evidence that highlight the need for skin cancer prevention, there is no stopping the American population in its single minded focus on using things such as tanning beds, and taking to sunbathing without proper preventive measures being considered or acted upon.

Another finding with regard to skin cancer prevention is that it is often something that most people associate with the older generations and this is amply evident when you consider how much time is spent under the sun by youngsters and other that are not so old people, who just don’t seem to know or care about skin cancer prevention, or if they know about it, pay scant heed and are thus sure to become the next number in the growing number of statistics showing a surge in skin cancer diagnosed cases. One of the culprits in this regard is the tanning beds that are often used right through the year and thus helps put your skin at risk of contracting skin cancer.

Still, it pays to learn about skin cancer prevention and perhaps a good starting point in this regard will be to realize the necessity of being sun safe and this is especially pertinent with regard to those with hair and skin is light in color that are most at risk of developing skin cancer. And, if someone in your family has had skin cancer, then you should learn up on skin cancer prevention because you would be more at risk of developing the condition since it is known to be genetic by nature.

Even as simple a skin cancer prevention method such as using sunscreens is something that everyone can act on, and using sunscreens that are waterproof as well and which have SPF 15 or better of UVA as well as UVB protection is recommended for use. Using a minimum of an ounce of sunscreen on your body about twenty minutes prior to getting out in the sun is another useful tip for skin cancer prevention.

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