Skin Cancer Surgery Has The Highest Success Cure Rate Of All Treatment Methods

To remove skin cancer, there are a number of available methods that includes scraping and burning, radiation therapy and liquid nitrogen freezing as well as laser destruction, interferon injection and regular cutting out as too skin cancer surgery. Suffice to say, that every method has its advantages and disadvantages and they each have different rates of success, while different patients may need different treatments under different situations.

The Best Alternative

One thing for sure, none of the skin cancer treatments will cure you hundred percent though you could do worse than try skin cancer surgery that is certainly among the best (if not the best) available treatment. It needs appropriate choosing and should be properly carried out and you can then expect ninety percent success with skin cancer surgery.

In any case, skin cancer surgery is very useful when treating skin cancers that are newly formed and which are also very resistant, and with proper performance, such skin cancer surgery can provide you with the greatest rate of cure especially when it pertains to basal as well as squamous cell cancer, and at the same time it hardly disturbs the rest of your skin.

In essence, skin cancer surgery takes out special sections (horizontal) and is different to regular cutting out in which the vertical section is cut out. Besides, the best part of skin cancer surgery is that it has hardly any tumor-free defects and small defects can be sewn up which will also mean very minute scarring. However, it does cost a bit more than you may have bargained for and it is also time consuming compared to short-term alternative treatment methods, though there is still enough benefits to this form of treatment to make it worth your while and also the expense involved.

Even, Ronald Reagan had skin cancer surgery which had thus far not been cured through standard vertical section surgeries, and in a similar vein, George Bush Sr. also underwent under the scalpel for his skin cancer problems, and there is a special type of skin cancer surgery and that is known as Mohs Surgery that is named after Dr. Mohs who invented the procedure.

The Mohs surgery involves three steps which are applying the chemical fixative to the tumor to prepare for surgical removal and this is followed by the actual surgical removal, which is performed following a night of letting the chemical fixative to penetrate the skin. Lastly, this form of skin cancer surgery allows for examining the excised tissue with the help of a microscope that will show up whether the tumor had been successfully removed.

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