Squamous Cell Lung Cancer and Smoking

Cancer remains an unfortunate element on the human landscape and it has risen in commonality over the past hundred years. Lung cancer, in particular, was quite rare prior to World War One but instances of it increased dramatically as bored soldiers on the battlefield began to increase (or outright start) a smoking habit.

One of the more obtuse facts about the First World War is the fact the some soldiers were issued cigarettes by their commanding officers! This later led to an increased amount of lung cancer in the world that did not abate until many decades later. Of course, this is not to say that all lung cancer is caused by smoking or that lung cancer has gone away from the medical community. It is also not to say there is even one singular form of lung cancer. For example, one form of cancer known as squamous cell lung cancer remains a type of lung cancer many know little about.

Looking at this Type of Cancer

Squamous cell lung cancer comprises of roughly 30 per cent of all diagnosed lung cancer cases. It is a large cell form of lung cancer that starts often in the central region of the lungs. That is to say, squamous cell lung cancer will form large tumors in the lungs and these tumors will cause all forms of complications such as the very brutal issue of causing the afflicted person to cough up blood. While smoking may not be the culprit for all forms of lung cancer, it is definitely considered a possible cause for squamous cell lung cancer.

Strange Fact

It is believed that non-filtered cigarettes can lead to a greater risk of squamous cell lung cancer because filtered cigarettes penetrate far deeper into the lungs. Now, this does not that filtered cigarettes will help you completely avoid any chances for cancer. In fact, the deeper you inhale the greater the chance for a form of cancer developing. It just may not end up being a form of squamous cell lung cancer.

Sadly, when filtered cigarettes first came out they were originally promoted as a “safer” cigarette with the notion that the filters would remove any impurities that would harm the smoker. Since the smoker would inhale deeper and hold it in longer the chances for developing a serious illness actually increased. Of course, non-filtered also created potential health hazards so there is really no safe way to smoke no matter what option a person takes.

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