Praising Subungual Melanoma Survivors

If anything, our society places a great emphasis on winners. When most people here the word “winners” they automatically assume that it refers to competitors of one sport or another. This is not entirely accurate as winners come from all walks of life and from a variety of backgrounds. Far too often, we place a narrow view on what it means to be an achiever or even to define what an achievement is.

For example, there are many people who successfully battle serious illnesses and conditions and win. These people are true achievers because they did not let any obstacles come in their path or deter them from overcoming what would normally be considered a seriously debilitating condition. While there are many great survivors of many forms of disease and cancer, it is time to highlight the achievements and the accomplishments of those individuals who have are subungual melanoma survivors.

Commonality and Detection

For those not familiar with what this form of melanoma is it is a serious form of skin cancer that is among the most common forms of cancer that afflicts people nationwide. (It is generally believed to be the 8th most common form of cancer that afflicts people)

While this type of cancer is commonplace, it is not as deadly as it once was and this is why there are more subungual melanoma survivors in the past few years than there had been in the past. Part of the reason for this is that advances in medicine now make it possible to detect this type of cancer much earlier than what had been previously possible. As such, the number of people able to claim the mantle of subungual melanoma survivors has increased dramatically.

Lesions and Rates of Survival

Contributing greatly to the level of survival is detecting the lesions that may appear on the skin at earlier stages that later stages. If a lesion is a small, thin lesion then the chances for subungual melanoma survivors are significant. If the lesion is thick and large sized lesion there may be a higher level of difficulty in treating is as well as a more difficult battle in fighting it.

There have been, however, a significant number of subungual melanoma survivors who discovered the problem at a later stage so there is no reason to feel hopeless if caught in this situation. Again, one can beat this form of cancer if one is willing to fight as personal drive places a great role in being a survivor.

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