Have Brighter Smile With Austin Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments today is whiter teeth and people are finding they can have a whiter, brighter smile by taking advantage of one of the many Austin teeth whitening services. Although there are many products being offered over-the-counter for teeth whitening, having your smile professionally brightened in an Austin teeth whitening office can not only whiten your teeth, but strengthen them as well.

One of the main advantages of visiting an Austin teeth whitening service is that the dentist can first make sure your teeth are in the right condition to be cleaned professionally. This will usually involve a thorough examination along with the filling of any cavities that may exist as well as insuring there are no gum diseases, which may become worse through the cleaning process. Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are the two cleaning agents typically used by dentists and in a controlled environment can have good benefits to brighten your teeth.

By visiting a dentist office for Austin teeth whitening, it can be determined if the patient should be using a teeth whitening system. Teeth that are decayed or rotted, those with gum infections or with different colored fillings or crowns may not receive any benefit from whitening agents. Other options, such as caps or veneers can be discussed before proceeding with Austin teeth whitening services.

Cleaning Procedures May Vary By Patient

When visiting an Austin teeth whitening dental service, a course of action will be determined and may end up with in-office treatment, at-home treatment or a combination of the two. Initial cleaning will take place in the office with the dentist using a pumice cleanser to remove the surface materials causing the teeth to appear dull. Once that is done, bleaching agents can be used, at an amount determined by the dentist, applied for the time deemed necessary.

Bleaching agents are known to weaken tooth enamel, and most times the dentist in an Austin teeth whitening office will also use fluoride to help strengthen the teeth. While dentists often use carbamide peroxide at a concentration of up to 35 percent, the concentration is most over-the-counter products is typically much less and take longer, with treatments repeated more often.

Depending on the types of stains, how long they have accumulated and the condition of a patientís teeth the whitening process can take from six to 12 weeks. During this time regular visits to the Austin teeth whitening dentistís office will help monitor progress as well as the continued health of teeth and gums.

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