Brighten The Beach With Boca Raton Teeth Whitening

You can be assured your smile is a bright spot on the beach by using one of the Boca Raton teeth whitening dental offices, making your smile as bright as it can be. Maintaining a great smile is one of the most important things to many people and despite regular brushing, over time teeth can lose their brilliance. While over-the-counter products have been shown to help, working with a professional in Boca Raton teeth whitening can be done effectively and safely.

Drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and soda can cause the enamel on your teeth to retain some of the discoloration. Regular brushing can remove the majority of it, but particles will imbed themselves in the porous enamel, causing them to appear dull. To bring them back to their brilliance, Boca Raton teeth whitening services can first, determine if teeth whitening can be effective for you, and then help establish a treatment plan to bring them back to their original brilliance.

A person with too many cavities or teeth that are rotting away as well as those with gum disease may not receive effective benefit from any teeth whitening system, which makes it important to visit a professional in a Boca Raton teeth whitening dental office to find out if any repair work needs done before whitening is attempted.

Proper Cleaning Requires Specific Steps

Visiting a dentist in a Boca Raton teeth whitening office can determine if you are a candidate for whitening. Once it has been decided the treatment will work for you, the dentist will usually begin by conducting a thorough cleaning, followed by in-office chemical treatments to bleach stains out of the enamel. Typically, carbamide peroxide gels are applied and allowed to sit on the teeth for a few minutes before being rinsed.

This procedure may be repeated two or more time while in the office, or additional treatments may be done at home as part of the process. Many Boca Raton teeth whitening treatments are done in the office while some may require at-home treatments with the patient monitored by the dentist to insure a healthy mouth as well as white teeth.

In some patients, fluoride treatments may be needed to help the teeth maintain their strength. If the bleach irritates the gums, it will be discontinued under direction of the dentist at the Boca Raton teeth whitening office, in favor of different whitening methods. Those who are not candidates for chemical cleaning should not proceed on their own with over-the-counter products as they contain the same agents, although in lesser strength, the effects will still be the same.

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