Light Teeth Whitening System Brightens Smile At Home

One of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures sought after today are methods of brightening the smile, and at-home teeth whitening is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. With bleaches and dental whitening strips having success in the market, the newest entry of a light teeth whitening system follows procedures often used only during professional whitening services available at the dentistís office.

Essentially, the teeth become dull and discolored due to the food and drink that they encounter over the years and brushing and flossing often removes the majority of the particles that can cause them to become discolored. However, due to the porosity of tooth enamel some smaller particles are imbedded in the enamel. In the office, a dentist often uses a type of bleach to clean these particles from the enamel and, if needed, uses a light teeth whitening system to speed up the action of the bleach.

Depending on how severely stained a personís teeth have become many of the over-the-counter whitening products can take from six to 12 weeks for the user to obtain the desired results. Most use the same bleaching chemicals that dentists use, without the pumice cleaners in the typical initial cleaning. The newer light teeth whitening system uses the gel cleaner usually used in dental offices, at a lower concentration of bleach, and contains a bright light to activate the gel, helping to quicken the results.

System Controlled In Professional Office

When using the light teeth whitening system care must be taken to insure proper use of the whitening gel as well as using it evenly. When used by a professional in the office, the gel is spread evenly over all teeth with the light applied consistently to the surface. With an at-home light teeth whitening system there is a chance the gel will not be spread evenly causing the bleaching action to be inconsistent leading to unexpected results.

The American Dental Association as well as Food and Drug Administration has found little danger in using over-the-counter products, however there have been reports of users developing sensitivity in their teeth following use. Most times, the sensitivity diminishes with disuse of the product. Prior to using a light teeth whitening system it is recommended that a dentist be consulted to insure the gums are healthy enough to withstand the cleaning process as well as the condition of the tooth enamel is conducive of benefit from a teeth cleaning treatment.

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