Methods of Teeth Whitening: Finding the Best Treatment for You

If you are considering a method for a brighter, whiter smile, you will be happy to learn that the possibilities in teeth whitening treatments are wide and varied today. You can select a whitening system based on how often you want to use it, how much you want to pay, and how dramatic you want your results. There are a number of methods of teeth whitening that are used in dentistís offices today, and at least as many stocking the shelves of your local pharmacy or grocery store. There is no doubt, with the variety of treatments available, that you will be able to find the best one to bring you the dazzling pearly whites that you are seeking.

Methods of Teeth Whitening at the Dentistís Office

There are a few different methods of teeth whitening that your dentist may offer. First, you can opt to have a tray made by your doctor that will fit snugly over your teeth to keep the whitening agent on the enamel where it belongs. While the mold is made at the dentistís office, you will be sent home with the finished product and a whitening agent so that you can complete the process at home. Another method of teeth whitening that your dentist may do is to apply the whitener in the office, and use a light or laser on the agent to maximize the effects. While this type of treatment tends to be pricier than the first option, the entire process is completed at the dentistís office in a relatively short amount of time. This procedure can also yield some fairly dramatic results.

Methods of Teeth Whitening at the Grocery Store

If you are thinking that you would prefer to pursue whiter teeth on your own time, there are a number of methods of teeth whitening lining your grocery store shelves as well. From strips, to brush on techniques to whitening toothpastes, you can find a tool that will work well for you from this selection. Keep in mind that the whitening agents that are sold over the counter tend to have a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which means that the results may not be as intense. However, the price tag for these methods of teeth whitening are much lower as well, making them a good choice for just about anyone who would like to see a whiter smile stare back at him in the mirror.

If you are interested in a whitening system for your own pearly whites, the good news is that there are a number of methods of teeth whitening for you to choose from. Do your homework and evaluated your expectations, and you can rest assured that you will select the best method of teeth whitening for you.

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