What to Expect at a Professional Teeth Whitening Session

There is an obsession in the United States with a bright, white smile. Thousands of people daily turn to professional teeth whitening for a nearly instantly brighter and dramatically whiter smile.

It can be helpful to research local dentists on the internet to gain an idea of what each individual dentist will require before they will administer a teeth whitening session. Some dentists even offer discounts for their patients if they schedule their professional teeth whitening consultation over the internet.

The First Meeting

If a personís regular dentist doesnít offer professional teeth whitening in their office, that person will need to find a cosmetic dentist to perform the procedure. At the first meeting or initial consultation, the dentist will likely complete a thorough dental exam and teeth cleaning.

This gives the dentist a chance to examine the patientís teeth to decide if professional teeth whitening would be beneficial to that patient. Not all stains on teeth can be removed by professional teeth whitening; for example discoloration due to an injury cannot be removed by the peroxide solution. The dentist will then explain to the patient what they can expect during their professional teeth whitening session. At this point the dentist will schedule the patient an appointment for the actual teeth whitening procedure.

The Day of the Appointment

On the day of the appointment many dentists recommend the people dress comfortably because they will be sitting for one to two hours with out being able to get up. The dental assistant will often put a protective substance on the patientís gums to minimize any irritation.

The dental assistant will then apply the professional teeth whitening gel; this is a peroxide based gel which is three to four times more powerful than home teeth whitening strips or gels. To get the maximum whitening power of the gel, dentists use a special light to activate the gel. The light activation is also the reason the procedure can be completed so quickly. The professional teeth whitening is painless and very relaxing; many people watch a movie, listen to music, or even sleep while they are getting a whiter smile.

When the professional teeth whitening is complete the dentist will remove the gel solution and the protective material from the gums, and the person is free to carry out with the rest of their day.

After Care

The after care required for a professional teeth whitening session is very simple. Most people will just carry out their regular routine of brushing and flossing their teeth twice daily. The only extras would be to avoid dark colored drinks such as colas, coffee, red wine, and the like. Also the person should not smoke; if someone wants to consume these drinks they should enjoy them with a straw to minimize the contact of the drink with their teeth.

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