Sacramento Teeth Whitening Is a BriteSmile

Sacramento is the place to get a brighter white smile. The Sacramento teeth whitening spas are extremely popular with both celebrities and the general public. Celebrities drive to Sacramento from Hollywood knowing that their smiles will be perfect for their close-ups in their next major feature film.

The Sacramento teeth whitening spas are perfect for the busy professional because you can come in with stained teeth and in an hour your teeth are a beautiful bright white. People are driving from all over California for the BriteSmile treatments in the Sacramento teeth whitening spas. These teeth whitening spas cater to the dental needs of the general population. They understand the necessity for gentle, quick and pleasant dental treatments.

The BriteSmile Experience

BriteSmile dental treatments have become the rage all over the United States. The Sacramento teeth whitening BriteSmile treatment consists of a gentle hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that is activated by a patented light operating in a gentle “blue spectrum”. This specific whitening gel and patented light were both developed for BriteSmile, Inc. Unlike other bleaching methods, the Sacramento teeth whitening BriteSmile treatment is quick and slick without any fuss or messy creams. There is no need to take home any gels or trays with BriteSmile. All you have to do is relax, switch your headset to your favorite tunes and let the dental staff in your teeth whitening spa do the rest.

BriteSmile’s patented light is not UV, heat or laser-activated. It is a gentle, soft blue light that has a wavelength which is matched to the whitening gel to effectively brighten and ultimately whiten the teeth within an hour. The patented light is very safe and the procedure is gentle and many have said, “Actually pleasant”. Having a dental procedure which is pleasant is something which the staffs at the Sacramento teeth whitening spas strive for.

Having a teeth whitening experience which is speedy, pleasant and safe is a major reason that so many celebrities and professionals flock to the Sacramento teeth whitening spas. Their teeth can go from discolored to dazzling in just an hour. It’s a safe procedure that is affordable and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You could have spent 20 years staining your teeth yellow and within an hour BriteSmile can transform your teeth into a beautiful healthy white. It only takes one hour of your life and hardly ever requires any return visits to finish the process. Everyone wants beautiful white teeth; take an hour of your life and try a Sacramento teeth whitening spa for the BriteSmile teeth whitening experience.

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