Options for Teeth Whitening in Englewood, Colorado

The fashion craze of the new millennium is teeth whitening. In Englewood, Colorado, residents have two exciting options for their tooth whitening. Luma teeth whitening system and BriteSmile tooth whitening system can each be preformed in an office visit, the exact service offered will vary by dentist.

Teeth whitening in Englewood, Colorado are a fast and easy procedure. Most treatments are finished in about an hour sometimes two hours, and that is it. The procedure will not need to be touched up for up to four years.

Pre-Whitening Exam

The dentists which Englewood’s teeth whitening are often asked about the health risks associated with using a tooth whitening product. The answer is that there are no known risks to having a teeth whitening procedure so long as a thorough pre-whitening examination is preformed. During the teeth whitening in Englewood initial examination, the dentist will give the patient a complete and comprehensive oral examination. The dentist will discuss all (if any) dental procedures which will need to be completed before a teeth whitening procedure can be preformed.

Pairing Treatments

In some instances, the teeth whitening gel can seep into the soft tissue of the gums through a cavity causing a severe condition which will require a root canal. While many cosmetic dentists who offer teeth whitening in Englewood can make a root canal virtually painless, many people would want to avoid the procedure if possible. Some people choose to pair other dental work with their teeth whitening at an Englewood cosmetic dentists’ office. Some other surgeries which can also improve a smile include porcelain veneers and bonding procedures.

For people who have already had other dental work preformed and are finishing off their new smile with teeth whitening in an Englewood cosmetic dentist’s office, they need not worry that the teeth whitening visit will damage their beautiful dentist work. Rather, it should even out the color of all the surfaces the solution touches.

The whitening solution has a peroxide base which can be activated for further whitening power by special lasers or lights. Teeth whitening in Englewood is very relaxing; many patients listen to music and close their eyes - they take the time to enjoy the peace and quiet after a long day or busy week.

To maintain the newly whitened smile that you received from an office tooth whitening session in Englewood, many dentist recommend brushing after every meal with a baking soda tooth paste. Most patients can only brush twice daily, which is sufficient, however better results can be expected with brushing after every meal.

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