Getting Into The Mind Of Teeth Whitening Gel

Everyone wants a bright, beautiful smile. The pearly whites of celebrities, models, and even well-known musicians are splashed across television screens and magazine pages. Never would you see crooked, colored teeth at any glitzy awards show. The secret to most of those toothy grins lies in the offices of dentists and plastic surgeons who happily oblige their famous patients to give them the best foot (or tooth) forward. There are many different products and procedures that can be used, including teeth whitening gels.

Are teeth whitening gels only available from a dentist? There was a time when the only man or woman that could give you a dazzling smile was the same villain who drilled cavities and made your mouth numb for hours. However, many companies have begun developing and marketing teeth whitening gels that can be used in your own home. Are they as effective as treatments given by the dentist?

This may be another old wives’ tale; that in order to get professional results you need to go to the professionals. Women have been opting to color their hair at home versus the salon for decades, and looking just as good doing it. The results will depend on your understand of instructions and the application of the teeth whitening gel product.

You may not even be aware what teeth whitening gels actually are and how they work; most gels contain varied amounts of peroxide, depending on whether you purchase the product through your dentist or from the local pharmacy. Either by using “trays” or bandage-like strips, the gel is mixed and applied directly to your teeth. Most treatments require a full week, with you wearing the device for up to thirty minutes a day.

Seeing What Is Out There

There are many good over-the-counter teeth whitening gels that you can find in a pharmacy and/or grocery store.

Crest Whitestrips are preferred by dentists more than any other whitening product. There are no trays involved; clear “band-aids” cover your teeth and allow you to go about your routine without any interruption.

Natural White Pro-Toothing Bleaching Process has a special “pre-bleaching” paste that you can use before and after to maintain that gleaming smile. A patented formula mouth wash is also included.

Ultra PlusWhite Complete Teeth Whitening System has the one-of-a-kind soft foam mouth tray that is easier on your gums and jaws during the whitening process. It also offers shorter daily sessions than most other whitening products.

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