Teeth Whitening Products are Effective and Safe to Use

There are a number of folks who are interested in a brighter smile today, and many companies have risen to meet the demand by offering a variety of whitening products. You can find teeth whitening products at your dentistís office or at your local pharmacy, depending on what type of product you choose to use. All of the teeth whitening products on the market today are considered relatively safe, as long as you use them according to package directions. The variables come into play when you begin to consider effectiveness, cost and the time required to see the desired effect. These are the factors that you will need to mull over if you are in the market for a teeth whitening product.

What your Dentist can Offer

If you decide to head to your dentistís office for your teeth whitening product, you will probably encounter a couple of different options. The first is to have your dentist construct a tray that will fit over your teeth to hold the whitening agent in place. Once this tray is complete, you will be sent home with that and the agent to either use for a period of time each day or overnight. This type of system is the less expensive teeth whitening product that you can find at your dentistís office, but it will also take a number of applications to see the desired result. Another choice from your dentist will be to have the teeth whitening product applied at the office, with the use of a light or laser to enhance the effect. This type of process can usually be done in a session or two, and can be highly effective. However, this procedure comes with the highest price tag as well.

Over the Counter

There are also a number of teeth whitening products that you can buy at your local pharmacy or grocery store, and these can produce positive results as well. You can choose from whitening strips, gels and even toothpastes that will give you a brighter smile. While the results may not be as grand as those received in your dentistís chair, the price tag wonít be as high either. All of these teeth whitening products that you can purchase over the counter will work fairly well on stains caused by coffee, tea or tobacco. It is important that you use any of these whitening systems according to the instructions on the package, since overuse can lead to the wearing away of your tooth enamel. The main side effect from these teeth whitening products is an increased sensitivity in your teeth. If this occurs, you can simply cut back on the number of sessions to every other day or so.

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