Toronto Teeth Whitening Reflects In The Smile

The newest craze for cosmetic services does not involve a knife or scalpels, yet can make a huge difference in a personís appearance. Having a bright, white smile is high on the list of most people, with the number of different products recently on the market to help whiten teeth at home. For professional services in Toronto, teeth whitening has been available for years, and in many ways offers more benefits than over-the-counter products.

Carbamide peroxide, the bleaching agent used in most over-the-counter products uses a formula of up to 35 percent in professional solutions. Over-the-counter products will usually have about 12 to 20 percent, simply to help reduce the effects of the bleach on the gums. In Toronto, teeth whitening is serious business and dentists will want to conduct a thorough examination before beginning any teeth whitening plan. Insuring your gums are healthy and your teeth are free of cavities are part of the Toronto, teeth whitening examination.

Teeth are covered with enamel, which is a porous material and over the years drinking coffee, tea, soda as well as smoking can cause discoloration. Tiny particles become imbedded in the enamel making the teeth look dull and many times brushing does not get all the materials out. With Toronto teeth whitening services, the bleaching process can get into the pores of the enamel and remove the materials, returning the teeth to their brilliant white color.

Supervision Recommended With Dental Care Products

Although many over-the-counter products have been determined to be safe for home use, Toronto teeth whitening professionals remind potential users that use of these chemicals can cause irritation to the gums if used improperly and the effects may not be what were expected if used incorrectly. For example, in a dentistís office, gels are applied evenly on all teeth where at home, there may be inconsistency in the application. This may cause an uneven appearance in the whiteness of the tooth enamel.

Additionally, use of the bleaches has been shown to reduce the strength of the enamel, which can cause sensitivity to hot or cold and many professional concentrations of cleaning agents also contain fluoride to help restore the strength. Many over-the-counter products do not have this extra protection in their formulas.

Whether you opt for a professional through one of the Toronto teeth whitening dental offices or an in-home system, it is advised you seek professional consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Some may not be able to use bleaches due to existing conditions that can be remedied by your dentist before staring on a whitening program.

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