BriteSmile Washington D.C. Teeth Whitening System

Everyone wants a brighter smile and whiter teeth; BriteSmile is the premier Washington D.C. tooth whitening system. The office procedure will usually take about an hour, and then the dentist will give the patient whitening trays to take home to give the treatment a booster once a week.

Many dentists’ offices in Washington D.C. offer teeth whitening; it is painless, inexpensive, effective, and long lasting. The procedure is so effective, with proper precautions, many people see lasting results for two years or more. Many people find the procedure so relaxing that they fall sleep while they are having their teeth whitened!

The Procedure

Washington D.C. teeth whitening and cosmetic dental surgery practices will want prospective patients to call their office to have an initial consultation. At the initial consultation the patients general oral health will be examined and they will receive a teeth cleaning. At that point the dentist will make the patient an appointment to have the teeth whitening procedure.

The patient will return to the Washington D.C. teeth whitening and cosmetic dental surgery practice on their appointment date. The patient will be led to a quiet room, a peroxide based teeth whitening gel will be applied to the teeth, and a clear plastic tray will be placed over the gel. The dentist or dental assistant of the Washington D.C. teeth whitening dental office will then position the patient in front of a special light that will react with the gel to maximize the effects of the peroxide based gel. The patient will then relax and listen to some music, watch a movie, or even take a nap for the hour the gel and trays are in place.

At the end of the session the dental assistant will remove the trays and give the patient instructions on how to care for their new whiter smile to help it last its longest. Washington D.C. teeth whitening dentists can answer any questions the patient may have at that time, or any time by phone or email.

Post Treatment Care

Few people experience any pain after a Washington D.C. teeth whitening; those that do may feel a dull tooth ache for a few hours after the office visit. The dentist will recommend brushing after each meal, or at least twice a day for good oral health - this will also prolong the effects of teeth whitening.

The Washington D.C. teeth whitening dentist may also recommend avoiding red wine, coffee, tea, and dark colored cola’s to prolong the effects of their teeth whitening. These drinks may still be consumed however most dentists recommend drinking them through a straw to minimize damage to the teeth.

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