ATV Wheelchairs: Making it Possible to Still Experience the Thrill

Inspirational Prototypes - Many people who enjoy riding ATVís such as motorcycles or 4-wheelers donít want to stop riding due to a disability. Some of these people have modified existing vehicles to accommodate their wheelchairs, a kind of ATV wheelchair.

These ATV wheelchair modifications allow the rider to be in the driver seat either in a tricycle style motorcycle or in a side car. Both will have a ramp or the controls for the bike will be modified to be completely operational by hand. ATV wheelchair modifications such as automatic clutches, electric shifters, specialized throttles, integrated brake systems, and wheel stabilizers are all employed to make a customized side car or ATV wheelchair friendly.

Life Motors Inc.

Life Motors Inc. is a company which specializes in motorcycle sidecar and ATV wheelchair modifications. Life Motors Inc. will custom make a sidecar or ATV, wheelchair accessible. These sidecar ATV wheelchair modifications can operate in different ways; one way is for the sidecar occupant to actually control the motorcycle while the passenger rides the motorcycle portion of the ATV as there is no ďdriverĒ seat on the motorcycle portion.

The other way to operate the sidecar ATV wheelchair modification is for the driver to actually operate the motorcycle and the sidecar is modified with a ramp to allow the ride in their wheelchair to ride in the sidecar. Life Motors In. also makes an actual ATV wheelchair machine, which allows the driver to ride their wheelchair up a ramp and behind the steering wheel. This ATV has all the attachments a person could need such as different roofing options and a snow plow.

This company has a lot of great ideas and ATV wheelchair modifications for any motorcycling enthusiast, for more information visit their website: www.lifemotorsinc.com.

BMW Conquest

The BMW conquest is an ATV wheelchair customized machine which was created by Alan Martin when his son became disabled. This motorcycle has a tricycle design and the operator is able to ride the wheelchair up the ramp of the tricycle and take their place behind the handlebars. All of the controls are accessible by use of hands only, left handed conversions are available.

The BMW Conquest is a serious ATV wheelchair accessible machine; it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in under nine seconds; and can be driven at high speeds and maintain its stability.

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