Making Children in Wheelchairs More Independent

Dealing with someone confined in a wheelchair is heart breaking especially if he or she is a child. However, pity is not what the child requires but consideration and the right tools to get about with as little help as possible from others. Here are some tips and suggestions of how to manage children in wheelchairs in order to make their life as normal as possible under the particular circumstances.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair

The first thing that you may want to invest in is a power wheelchair that the child can maneuver with ease alone as soon as he or she is old enough. Freedom of movement is what your child will need in any form or shape and a modern wheelchair is the only way to provide it. Children in wheelchairs feel restrained and somewhat isolated because they cannot run around and play like other children. A power wheelchair will bring a degree of independence and freedom to his or her life.

Adjust Your Home to the Child’s Requirements

Children in wheelchairs unfortunately depend on others to carry out simple functions such as going to the bathroom and/or showering and in order to make him or her feel independent and self sufficient you will be required to adapt the house to his or her specific needs. For instance, you may require special support to use the toilet or shower alone; the more activities your child will be able to perform alone the sooner he or she will start living a relatively normal life.

Create a Healthy Environment

Children in wheelchairs often suffer from depression and other similar disorders because everyone around them treats them in a special way by showing them pity and because they often don’t encounter other children in wheelchairs. An important step for you to take is to get your child to meet and socialize with some children in wheelchairs in order for him or her to find some similarities and connection with others.

It is important that you help your child see what is good in life even with his given health problems and the only way to do that is stay positive. Don’t pity your child but show him the beauty of life and how he or she can do anything he or she desires from the wheelchair. There are sports dedicated to children in wheelchairs and many more activities that will make your child feel normal under the circumstances and have the same passion and love for life all children have in order to grow up and live his or her dream.

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