Several Ways to Donate Wheelchairs

If a Wheelchair Is Owned

If a person who owns a wheelchair no longer has need for it, they may donate the wheelchair to one of many organizations which distribute wheelchairs to the needy. Many of these organizations perform the service of matching a donated wheelchair to its recipient and vise versa. Some organizations however require the recipient to pay the shipping costs if applicable.

If a Wheelchair Is Needed

Wheelchair donations are available from many local and national organizations; a person in need of a wheelchair would contact these organizations either by phone or email and give their basic measurement requirements and reason for the wheelchair. The organization will then match the person in need with a wheelchair that best fits their needs.

Donate without Owning

If a person wanted to donate a wheelchair but doesnít own one, there are organizations that allow people to donate a small fee to give a wheelchair to a person in need. There are several internet-based avenues to donate. One such is the Wheelchair Foundation, this website allows people to donate wheelchairs or the money to purchase wheelchairs that can be used for the needy all around the world.

Donating Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchair donations are especially appreciated as they cost more than a bariatric wheelchair; electric wheelchairs donít ship as well however so donating on a local level is more practical. Many organizations will work to match a donated wheelchair with a person in need and work out the delivery arrangements. An example of this is to have the two people meet halfway in between their locations to transfer the electric wheelchair form one person to the other.

International Donations

Many organizations are committed to donating wheelchairs internationally; many countries cannot afford health care at any level and their impoverished citizens cannot afford the wheelchairs they need to have active and productive lives.

These outreach programs collect financial donations and send the wheelchairs to the needy communities around the globe who can benefit most from them. These programs rely on donated wheelchairs, or funds for wheelchairs to provide them for these people.

Donating a wheelchair is a great way to recycle a wheelchair and help a needy person at the same time. Many people all over the world cannot afford one and benefit from contributions of concerned, caring people. You may be able to make a few bucks by selling the wheelchair, but the satisfaction gained by knowing someone got to use one for free is unparalleled.

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