The Convenience and Comfort of Ivacare Electric Wheelchairs

Many people today are unfortunately forced to restrict the use of their legs due to age, medical condition, obesity or accidents. Wheelchairs have been the only way to gain the freedom of mobility back and thus, get back to leading as normal a life as possible under the circumstances.

Many manufacturers have invested in making the perfect wheelchair in order to provide the users with comfort, mobility and overall a sense of independence. Here is how Ivacare electric wheelchairs can provide you with your freedom of movement as well.

Features of the Ivacare Electric Wheelchairs

Ivacare electric wheelchairs come with adjustable features such as the height of the seat, power leg rest in order to soothe and comfort swollen tired feet, custom made seats to fit those who are overweight as well as a narrow shaped frame to fit with ease in corners and turns. All Ivacare electric wheelchairs can be handled independently through a jockey stick situated at the reach of the hand therefore you will need no assistance at all getting around indoors or outdoors.

You can get the Ivacare electric wheelchair with wheels made especially for rough terrain if you live in a house and enjoy getting outdoors often. These wheelchairs are built strong enough to last daily extensive usage and are small enough that can be stored away in any room with ease without making an obstacle out of it.

Get Your Freedom Back

Many people who get into a wheelchair for any reason feel trapped and dependent on others for living their life in the way they want. However, with the Ivacare electric wheelchair you will be able to get everywhere around the house to do your daily chores as well as outdoors for shopping or just to enjoy some fresh air.

Most retail stores that stock different brand wheelchairs will usually always have the Ivacare electric wheelchairs. The best way to buy a wheelchair is to get to the store physically and try as many of them as possible before you decide which one is best for you. Many retailers will also provide you with a trial period during which time you can return the wheelchair if you are not happy with it in exchange for another one.

You can also find Ivacare electric wheelchairs online; however, you must be very specific about your needs and requirements in order to get the right wheelchair for you. If you are unable to get to a store in order to try a wheelchair, many retailers will provide a representative who will bring the wheelchair to your home for trial purposes.

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