Quickie Wheelchairs: Bigger Bang for Your Buck

Wheelchairs need not be something to fear. There may come a time when using a wheelchair becomes necessary, and senior citizens and disabled people realize that in the wheelchair lies their salvation as far as getting about is concerned. This means that people that are going to use a wheelchair must expect and hope to get a wheelchair that is long lasting, provides reliability as well as is comfortable to sit and move in.

Folding, Pediatric, Rigid and Sports Wheelchairs

Quickie wheelchairs offer a number of folding, pediatric as well as power, rigid and sports wheelchairs. They have a number of models to choose from, and in fact, were one of the first companies to produce lightweight wheelchairs that were mass produced. The Quickie wheelchair is a small wheelchair that can become the ideal mode of transport for many disabled users. In their manual, electric as well as sport and pediatric models you may be sure to find that each wheelchair seems to be specially designed just for you.

In fact, you may be able to make good use of the “True-Fit Program” offered by Quickie wheelchairs that promises you that they will replace specific parts of your new wheelchair within three years of purchase. It certainly is an indication of how good a choice the Quickie wheelchair is. The Quickie 2 wheelchair is the most reliable wheelchair you could hope to use, and with a warranty as well as features that are better than competitors, you would surely find it to be a good buy. They also include interchangeable parts to customize it to particular needs and lifestyles.

Wheelchairs for Tennis and Basketball

You may be in need of a powerful wheelchair, and for such a requirement, the Quickie 8-646 Power wheelchair is a good option, which bristles with power and has excellent suspension, comfort as well as is speedy to boot. This is a wonderful choice if you wish to play a game of tennis or shoot baskets. For basketball play, the Quickie All Court is just the ticket, and its state of the art technological inputs will easily determine where the center of gravity of the user lies. For tennis players, the Quickie Match Point comes with a broad footprint that is ideally suited to an all round tennis players’ needs.

You can rest assured that your Quickie wheelchair will meet your every need, and in spite of the higher cost, its comfort levels as well as technological profile makes it good value for money.

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