Rascal Wheelchairs: Independence, Maneuverability and Technology

There are a number of different Rascal wheelchairs that provide users with the ability to be mobile anywhere - in the home, out on the sidewalk or in shopping centers. Made in compact sizes, users will find the Rascal wheelchair to be tight in its turning radius, and thus allows you to stay mobile anywhere you go.

Buying a Rascal wheelchair is certain to help you find mobility even if your size is big or small as it allows you to remain active as well as increases your independence. Major advantages of the Rascal wheelchair are nimbleness that makes navigation in crowded places much easier, and it durable enough to be used in the outdoors under rugged conditions.

Choose from Compact, Mid-Size and Large Wheelchairs

You can choose the Rascal wheelchair from a number of different sizes that best suits your particular frame. The compact wheelchair will enable users who weigh 250 pounds or less to get by very well. The advantage of the compact wheelchair is the ease with which it can be dissembled so as to allow you to transport it with you while traveling.

If your frame size and weight is 350 pounds or more, you may want the mid-size version of the Rascal wheelchair that provides total mobility all the time. This type of wheelchair has a n excellent turning radius so that you can get by even in tight spaces. The large Rascal wheelchair would ideally suit persons that weigh 400 to 500 pounds.

When you buy a Rascal wheelchair you may also want some of the accessories that the company provides such as bags to carry belongings as well as modular accessory systems that help in storing your crutch, cane, walker as well as oxygen tank. For those that prefer to use their Rascal wheelchair, and don’t wish their mobility to be affected by annoying and inconvenient thresholds, steps or curbs; make sure to try out the ramps that help in overcoming these obstacles to your free movement.

You can also get yourself a comfortable seat, which is of vital importance to your total well being. You may choose to have one that best suits your requirements. The Rascal 320 Compact Powerchair is a good option for those that prefer a slim design as well as lightweight wheelchair to get around in. Using a Rascal wheelchair will provide you exceptional maneuverability, greater independence while taking advantage of the latest technology.

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