Spoke Guards For Wheelchairs Provide Color And Care

Wheelchairs are great inventions that have provided increased mobility and independence for people with temporary or permanent disabilities. Wheelchairs were originally a basic platform on a set of wheels, but these machines have developed many devices for improvement since they were first used to help people. These devices include motors, safety features and spoke guards for wheelchairs that have improved the service for those with problems. Spoke guards were first used by athletes that played their sports in spite of their disabilities.

Eventually spoke guards for wheelchairs have become great tools for all of those confined because of a disability. Athletes first designed spoke guards for wheelchairs because they needed to keep their spokes free during the competition. Many athletes remained competitive although they had serious injuries. These athletes made their spoke guards so they would not lose a competition because another athlete interfered with the spokes on their wheelchairs. These spoke guards for wheelchairs could make the difference between winning and losing.

Several Sources Provide Spoke Guards For Wheelchairs

Accidents do happen to those confined to a wheelchair and spoke guards for wheelchairs can make a significant difference for those involved in a misfortune. Spoke guards will protect this wonderful machine in case it is involved in a collision. The spoke guards for wheelchairs will lessen the effect of the impact on a wheelchair. These spoke guards for wheelchairs will also protect the hands of those pushing the wheels on a chair. Anyone confined to a wheelchair because of a disability does not want further injury. Getting their hands and fingers caught in the spokes can be painful so putting on spoke guards can protect those pushing the wheels around.

Spoke guards for wheelchairs can be purchased from several different sources in a variety of models. Spoke guards can be plain opaque which protect the person powering the wheelchair, but these do not add any color to the chair. There are some other spoke guards for wheelchairs that are bright and colorful Those confined to a wheelchair definitely have a problem, so a bit of color on the chair can be uplifting. Spoke guards for wheelchairs can reflect the personality of the occupant and show others that they are upbeat about their condition. No one wants others to have pity for them because of their problems so a bright sign on their wheelchairs will communicate a feeling of optimism.

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